Glamping Marta

Select your experience of comfort and nature. Learn about the unique story of the Rinčić family and turn your holiday into an unforgettable adventure of outdoor living.

Campsite Marta

Wooden construction is the oldest form of construction that man has used throughout the millenniums.

Campsite Matea

Wooden-glamping units are covered with tent canvas and built completely from natural materials

Campsite Zora

Staying in such houses is proven to better one’s well-being. « Each unit is surrounded by lavender and herbs. ​

Campsite Iva

During the night, this fragrance will lull you into sweet dreams.

Campsite Mare

Nightfall brings a peaceful slumber,

Campsite Bepa

followed by a one-of-a-kind awakening in the middle of pristine nature.

Pool & Nature

»Here, the aroma of fresh Mediterranean herbs will accompany you everywhere you go. You can live your own fairy tale in the heart of our olive orchards and join us on olive harvesting. The organic »U – pick« vegetable garden is a vital part for your healthy nutrition. And you can fully enjoy pleasant summer evenings in front of your tent with a glass of wine, just watching the stars,”«









BBQ facilities & Outdoor dining area

To fulfill your glamping experience we offering a picnic area, which they placed on the edge of the olive orchard. In the evening you can sit by the fireplace and meet other glampers from all over the world. Here you can also celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays, teambuilding events, etc.

Experience luxury in the embrace of olive trees

Sleep under the stars at Glamping Marta

About Us

Glamping has won the hearts of eco travelers – a tent accommodation for lovers of comfort, right in the midst of stunning nature. Marina hinterland is certainly unique in this field and family Rinčić saw this opportunity and took it. They created Glamping Marta, the one-of-a-kind glamping site, where the simple comfort is provided by charming tents and a genuine experience of coexistence with nature.

The roots of the Rinčić family lie in a deep-seated respect for nature. The meticulous placement of glamping units and their design blend perfectly with the rocky terrain below them. Wooden-glamping units are covered with tent canvas and built completely from natural materials.

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